will provide you with all of the tips and techniques that you need to join the exciting world of golf. In our toolkit you will find everything from the rules of the game to course etiquette and getting the right equipment to finding a course that’s right for you and all this
in an unbelievably great price.
The Pre-Shot Routine: Most good golfers have a pre-shot routine-rituals that include everything from the way they approach the ball to how they waggle. These routines serve a good purpose ...
Mastering the Important Club: It's been said that the driver is the second most important club in your bag--next to your putter. A good drive sets the tone ...
Get Your Game in Shape : Playing good golf is a lot more than just beating countless balls on the driving range. If you really want to get the most from the sport,you must concentrate your efforts ...
The World's Longest
Golf Course is the
International Golf Club
in Massachusetts, a long
par 77, 8325-yards, from
the tiger tees. The World's
Highest..? You can Find
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and amazing

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